$SPY #Options – Trending day trade 34 for 121% on the close

The day-trading strategy developed here and dubbed in earlier posts “The Fool’s Game” has now had 34 trending days like today since the start of this year.

I define a trending day as any day the SPY calls or the SPY puts or a combination of both gain more than 100% on the day trade. All trades are long only and closed out at the market’s close.

The 274 in-the-money put for today closed the day trade up 121% on each $10K traded (see the chart on the left below). There were no trades triggered in the calls.

Today’s at-the-money 273 put closed the day trade up 166%.

See the white flags on the lower right of each chart below for the return on each $10K traded and recorded in real time on Twitter.

(click on the charts for a larger view)

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