#MarketTiming – hard to call a pause, let alone a pullback…

But if there is to be a pause, there’s a good chance it will be now.

All of my short-term signals — Price, Breadth, Volatility – turned down on this lackluster day (see table below), and CNN Money’s Fear and Greed Index turned down too. Twenty of the stocks in my nifty-50 stock list gave individual sell signals. That may be a bit deceptive since the stock list was sorted over the weekend and came into the day maybe too strongly bullish, and then again it may be a harbinger of a pause when even the strongest slow down.

So, if there’s a pause here, can it turn into a pull back?

This could be tricky since long-term breadth continues to climb (up for the fourth day). Given that, if short-term breadth turns up here in the next day or two (or bless a bottom dollar, three days), the market would get another bullish boost. If long-term breadth turns down, this could very easily become the hook that catches every bull off guard. Although the bull market has so far defied the signs over and over again, it is inevitable that one of these times, like today, when the signals signal a turn, the turn will come. Probably when the bears are worn out and the bulls don’t expect anything of on their blindside.

Maybe right now is day one. Maybe not.



PRICE: Sell. (Day 1).
VOLATILITY: Sell, (Day 1).


SPY CLOSE – 260.23
QQQ CLOSE – 156.19
CNN MONEY’S FEAR AND GREED INDEX: (52, falling, neutral level).
NIFTY-50 STOCK LIST: 14 Buys; 10 Overbought, 0 Oversold, 2 new buys today, 20 new sells.

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