Update end of the week: 2/2715:

Stopped out of all of these positions intra-day 5/23 for a cumulative one percent loss. A bearish market day.

Have a signal to go long on tomorrow’s open for a day trade and maybe more.

Not necessarily recommended for anyone other than me, but I’m buying my “Great8Stocks” from my Nifty-50 stock list — NOAH, NPTN, BONA, IMPV, ADXS, EGRX, SUPN, and SINA.  In addition: other stocks on the list giving buy signals today for tomorrow: JKS, NHTC, FOLD, and AVG.

And, of course, there’s to be plays in the ES and NQ futures, as well as TQQQ and XIV, both taking shots at new highs.

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