The $10K options trade – $SPY today for 103%

Had a loser in the calls to start the day, and another in the puts, but the hard run up in the calls for 180% at the end netted a 103% total gain for the day.

This trade late in the day was in the 267 in-the-money call expiring today, 91 call contracts initially for the loss, then back in for 111 contracts to the close (see chart below).

But if anyone harbors any illusions about this being easy psychologically, divest yourself of those straight away. Trading $10,000 worth of the nearest in-the-money strike at the closest expiration, still has me down 74% for the week, $7,405 on a $10K gamble in each trade after losses of 93% on Monday and 83% on Tuesday. Obviously, it is a strategy that can only be traded with a small portion of any account or portfolio. And even then it is flat out scary at times.

Fast money when it goes your way, and it seems even faster when it goes against you.

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Buying $SPY calls for a 12.6% #DayTrading profit…

There are only three things that can happen if a trader BUYS an option – the option goes the trader’s way, the option goes against the trader, the option goes sideways losing on time decay.

Two out of the three are bad for the option buyer.

So is it a fool’s game?

Doesn’t have to be. Not for day traders.

Let’s take SPY options as an example — very liquid across multiple strikes, tight spreads, hardly any time decay on a trade for only a day, a stop-loss is close by and immediate, and the profits, if there is trend for the day, can be substantial, even rather astounding.

The key, as always, is an entry signal the trader is comfortable with.

Had five buy signals as SPY trended steadily up during the day. With each buy at $5k, the trades on the weekly 258 calls (expiring Friday) totaled $25k, and netted about $3150, or 12.6% for the day trade.

(click on the chart for a larger view)