Bellwether Trading Stocks – an introduction…

From Wikipedia:

“In the stock market, a bellwether (barometer stock in the UK) is a stock that is believed to be a leading indicator of the direction of a sector, industry or market as a whole. Bellwether stocks are often used to determine the direction in which an industry or market is headed in the short term.”

Decided to assemble a chart panel of ten bellwether stocks (see below).  While not, as defined above, necessarily leaders in the general market (although some obviously are), they are my choices for TRADING STOCKS that do move enough to be swing traded on the an daily basis, and move with enough velocity intraday to be day traded.  At the moment, the chart panel is static but could vary some in the future as market conditions dictate.

The stocks are AAPL, GS, AMZN, BID, FB, TSLA, BABA, FSLR, NFLX, and NVDA.

At this moment, the question among these stocks is can AAPL (upper left in the panel), trying to new all-time highs, hold up the entire market all by itself?

(click on the chart for a larger view – UPDATE 9/12)

A REMINDER: the information is from my personal stock-market journal and is presented here for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed at any time as direct investment advice.

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