$TAN – Solar stocks ready to rise and shine again

About a month ago I wrote in this blog:

Always a good sector to buy with any market rally, solar may be the best chance to rack up a 50% gain in the next couple of months.  Longer-term, no matter how volatile, it is a growth sector and preferable in the future to investing in fossil fuel stocks of any kind, particularly better than coal.

There will likely be a couple of more dips (which is worth noting) before this rise gets really going but historically it will, like the sun itself, rise again.

It appears the “couple of more dips” noted above may be done and it is time for the solar ETF to really get going.  Since I wrote that, CNN Money’s Fear and Greed Index as been reading fear but working its way higher, and TAN has now dropped to a level that may produce a double bottom for this swing (see the first chart below).

I say “may produce a double bottom” because it still has to turn up but it appears in pre-market action today that today is likely THE DAY.

This is a sector that has been sold off heavily on the CNN index’s swing from greed to fear. Consequently, the stocks in the sector like CSIQ, FSLR (which is showing strength premarket and is often a leader),  SUNE, JKS, SPWR, are deeply oversold (see the second chart below).

The oversold conditions make the stock buys all bottom picks.  This a play for a bounce initially (always with tight stops) that may very well turn into the 50% rally mentioned above.

(Click on the chart for a larger image)


(Click on the chart for a larger image)


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