$KC_F – stopped out of coffee futures long, now short…

Lost a bit more than $400 per contract.

Three losers in a row after the big winners. Should be a winner coming up.

Back on the short side where most of the gains have been made this year in these swing trades. If the price can drop through the bottom on the box on the chart below, there could be a substantial new swing down as everyone in the recent price consolidation find themselves trapped at a higher level.

(click on the chart for a larger view)

2 thoughts on “$KC_F – stopped out of coffee futures long, now short…

  1. How do you manage risk swing trading future’s products? At one point do you decide, “Ok I was wrong and need to get out”

    And at that point aren’t you down a substantial amount of ticks therefore down lots of $$ ??

    1. The only future I’m trading at the moment is Coffee which is on a mechanical system I use that has no stop, only a stop and reverse.

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