$KC – Coffee’s splendid tumble…

Since a big reversal to the upside on June 23rd, Coffee prices had been chugging nicely up, a rally of some 20 points from 126 to 146.

Then wham!

My commodity system signaled a short (it goes both ways) and the futures just made more on a single trade than it has made 19 other long and short trades this year.  The short trade had a net of $5990 per contract on an initial margin of $2970, a profit of $3000 per contract, 101%.  On the chart below, the closed profits YTD are in the white rectangle on the lower left and the current trade in the white rectangle on the lower right.

I suppose after looking like a new bull market was being launched in the commodity some Elliott Waver might say it still is bullish setup with this just being an obvious two-wave decline, before a big bullish three wave.  but I don’t deal in wave theories.  Just simple upswings and downswings with a measure to gauge overbought and oversold.

(click on the chart for a larger view)

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