$KC_F #Coffee #futures short nets 100%

Took off half of the position earlier on this futures swing trade. Second half up more than 100%, about $3150 on a $2970 margin requirement.


This move to the downside has probably gone about as far as one can expect and is threatening a turn to upside (see indicator on the chart below) and is down three days in a row so covered the second half of the trade on the close today.

Not going long until I get a swing signal to buy.

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$KC_F (TRADE UPDATE) – Coffee futures up 21% in 3 days.

Coffee futures, started on the close of 11/21, three trading days ago, at 123.85 at now up 21% on margin.


And they are up a magic four days in a row (see the white dots on the chart below), so moving the stop to 125.50 to lock in half the profits and putting a breakeven stop on the second half. In other words, this upswing needs to keep rallying right away or at least half of the position will be closed.

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$KC_F – Coffee futures rack up 40% short, reverse long…

Coffee futures, after a dip in its past five trades, has regained its swing-trade mojo.

With the 40% gain on margin for the trade ending today (a five-day trade), Coffee is again up more than 430% over its margin requirement for the year to date on swing trades, long and short.


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$KC_F – Coffee futures looking to roast another 100%

The current coffee swing, which is short, is up $2,568 per contract at today’s close. The margin requirement is $2,970 per contract.

Would like to see at least some additional weakness on tomorrow’s open to lock in another 100% gain the margin. If it doesn’t happen there is a good chance coffee will reverse to a long swing at tomorrow’s close. This is likely, at this point, on both counts so tomorrow’s a key day for coffee trades.

I last wrote about this here on September 13th:

Coffee Futures Find Their Swing Rhythm

The swing rhythm observed in that post has obviously continued (see the chart below).

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$KC – Coffee’s splendid tumble…

Since a big reversal to the upside on June 23rd, Coffee prices had been chugging nicely up, a rally of some 20 points from 126 to 146.

Then wham!

My commodity system signaled a short (it goes both ways) and the futures just made more on a single trade than it has made 19 other long and short trades this year.  The short trade had a net of $5990 per contract on an initial margin of $2970, a profit of $3000 per contract, 101%.  On the chart below, the closed profits YTD are in the white rectangle on the lower left and the current trade in the white rectangle on the lower right.

I suppose after looking like a new bull market was being launched in the commodity some Elliott Waver might say it still is bullish setup with this just being an obvious two-wave decline, before a big bullish three wave.  but I don’t deal in wave theories.  Just simple upswings and downswings with a measure to gauge overbought and oversold.

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$KC #Coffee – swing traders’ dream

Coffee has been swinging from oversold to overbought and back again on a consistent basis for more than a year.

Last year, January through December, was spectacular with more than a $30,000 gain on margin (current margin requirement is $3,100 per contract).  This year not as much but still great –$10k plus so far.

Should be noted that the commodity may be in transition.  It appears on a longer term basis coffee has moved from bearish to generally bullish with what appears to be no less than a rounding bottom on the daily chart.

The commodity’s active contract is overbought and can go higher but that trade is on so not worth chasing.  The next trade will be a short.

(for a closer look at the swings right click on the chart)