Too many sells, too many oversolds…

From Twitter yesterday (6/29/15):

That is a setup that often yields fast and furious profits.  Today 42 of the stocks on the Nifty-50 list were up with the Great 8 Stocks at the top of the list (see post below) up 4.3% as a basket buy on today’s open, up 6.6% from yesterday’s close.

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Update end of the week: 2/2715:

Stopped out of all of these positions intra-day 5/23 for a cumulative one percent loss. A bearish market day.

Have a signal to go long on tomorrow’s open for a day trade and maybe more.

Not necessarily recommended for anyone other than me, but I’m buying my “Great8Stocks” from my Nifty-50 stock list — NOAH, NPTN, BONA, IMPV, ADXS, EGRX, SUPN, and SINA.  In addition: other stocks on the list giving buy signals today for tomorrow: JKS, NHTC, FOLD, and AVG.

And, of course, there’s to be plays in the ES and NQ futures, as well as TQQQ and XIV, both taking shots at new highs.

The Great8Stocks

Adding NPTN, BONA, SUPN and SINA to the top eight stock in my Nifty50List this week.  The holdovers from last week are NOAH (number one on the list), IMPV, ADXS and EGRX.

But not buying as yet since all market-timing signals are on sells. This will likely be a day trade since some many of these are wildly overextended (for instance, EGRX up 340% year to date).

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